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Translating and Interpreting

Translating and Interpreting Services

Agency and business clients that need access to TIS National services need to register to become a TIS National client.

TIS National provides access to the following interpreting services:

  • Immediate telephone interpreting.
  • ATIS Voice automated voice-prompted immediate telephone interpreting.
  • Pre-booked telephone interpreting.
  • On-site interpreting.
  • Irregular Maritime Arrival (IMA) interpreting.

Free Services through TIS National:

A list of pharmacies that have registered for access to free interpreting services can be found here.


Multicultural Language Services Guidelines

The Multicultural Language Services Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Agencies reflect the Tasmanian Government's commitment to the development of whole-of-Government communication strategies that address language barriers.  The Guidelines aim to enhance access to interpreters and translated information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to enable equitable access to the full range of services.

The Guidelines provide guidance on the following matters:

  • Establishing agency policies and protocols for the use of translating and interpreting services. This includes promoting the engagement of credentialed interpreters (ie recognised by the National  Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters ) in circumstances where people experience difficulties communicating in English;
  • Facilitating staff awareness training and development;
  • Improving data quality;
  • The provision of multilingual information; and
  • Agency planning and budgeting.

The Guidelines provide guidance on the general principles and approach to be undertaken by agencies in the development of their own translating and interpreting policies and procedures, as well as the provision of multilingual information services specific to their core business.

To assist Tasmanian Government Agencies in the delivery of services to clients with a language other than English, a range of information sheets have been developed.

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