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Justice and Legal

There are a range of services and supports to assist people who may have justice or legal issues in Tasmania.

Service, support and advocacy

MRC Justice Support

MRC caseworkers can provide support and advocacy assistance to people from refugee backgrounds that are proceeding through the justice system.  This includes liaison between Police, Courts, Legal Aid, the Department of Justice, Corrective Services and clients.

Anti-Discrimination Commissioner

Investigates and conciliates claims of discrimination under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tasmania). Promotes non-discriminatory principles and practices, through training and community education as well as distribution of information on discrimination.

Ombudsman Tasmania

Independent officer appointed by the Governor, and answerable to the Parliament. Their role is to investigate the administrative actions of public authorities to ensure that those actions are lawful, reasonable and fair.

Complaints about Police Conduct

A member of the public talking to two police officers in the police information booth

Tasmania Police investigates complaints in accordance with the Police Service Act 2003.
All complaints must be in writing, and made within six months of the conduct becoming known to the complainant.

To submit a complaint, address correspondence to:

Tasmania Police
GPO Box 308

Read more about the process on the Tasmania Police website.

Advocacy Tasmania

Provides free advocacy services across Tasmania. ATI works to promote and protect the rights and interests of clients, providing a free, statewide, independent and confidential 'Your Say' advocacy service.

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania

The Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania provides free telephone legal advice on 1300 366 611. They provide legal services in respect of criminal law, family law, family violence, mental health, civil advice and consumer credit.

Legal Aid may also help find a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, or Notary Public.

  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (Statewide)
    Phone: 1300 366 611
  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (South)
    Phone: 6236 3800
  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (North)
    Phone: 6328 4000
  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (North West)
    Phone: 6423 8444 (Devonport) or 6432 5000 (Burnie)

Court Support and Liaison Officer

A court room in the Magistrates Court, Hobart 

Free service for people suffering from family violence. Court Support Officers are available to provide support to adult and child victims of family violence and prepare children and young people to give evidence in court.

  • Court Support and Liaison Officer (Statewide)
  • Court Support and Liaison Officer (South)
    Phone: 6233 5005
  • Court Support and Liaison Officer (North)
    Phone: 6336 2128
  • Court Support and Liaison Officer (North West)
    Phone: 6434 7268 or 6434 7269

Multicultural Policing in Tasmania

Tasmania Police is committed to ensuring it delivers services which are accessible, equitable and culturally sensitive to all persons from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. They have appointed a number of Multicultural Liaison Officers throughout Tasmania.

Community Legal Centres

Hobart Community Legal Service (HCLS)

Aims to foster community awareness of the law, make the law more equitable and accessible, and provide free legal advice to the public in southern Tasmania.

  • Hobart Community Legal Service
    Phone: 6223 2500 (Hobart), 6263 4755 (Bridgewater) or 6265 1911 (Sorell)

Launceston Community Legal Centre

Provides free legal advice to the community of Launceston and surrounds.

North West Community Legal Centre

Provides a free one-off advice and referral legal service to residents on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

Student Legal Service

A not-for-profit legal service based in Hobart providing free confidential legal advice to the community.

Women's Legal Service

Provides assistance to women, with emphasis on women's legal issues. Free and confidential legal advice and referral. Telephone calls to the Service are free from anywhere in Tasmania and will not show up on telephone bills.

Victims of Crime Service

Supports people dealing with personal and practical problems associated with the impact of crime, allowing them to regain control of their lives. All services are free and confidential.

  • Victims of Crime Service (Statewide)
    Phone: 1300 300 238
  • Victims of Crime Service (South)
    Phone: 6233 5002
  • Victims of Crime Service (North)
    Phone: 6336 5011
  • Victims of Crime Service (North West)
    Phone: 6421 7851 (Devonport) or 6434 6471 (Burnie)

Safe at Home

Involves a range of services working together to protect and support victims of family violence, including young people and children, while making offenders responsible for their behaviour.

  • Safe at Home (Statewide)
    Phone: 1800 633 937


Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service

Provides advice to people of refugee background, people seeking asylum and other humanitarian entrants who reside in Tasmania.

Website: Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service

Phone: 03 616 9473