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World Games Day 2017

Clarence City Council is following up its successful “World Games Day” of 2015 with another World Games Day at Blundstone Arena from 11-3 pm on Sunday May 21st, 2017. The Day will link in with the World Day for Cultural Diversity that is held each year on that date, and will be a celebration of games, sport, food, music, arts and culture from around the world.

We are excited to again have the support of the Tasmanian Cricket Association in order to use Blundstone Arena at Bellerive for this event. The venue will allow us to run a great variety of games, activities and sports for people to try, and we hope to also include a “Community World Cup” Football (Soccer) tournament. We will have multicultural food and music on offer, and provide the opportunity to celebrate unique cultural traditions.

Council would like to invite multicultural community groups to participate in the event to help it be a true cultural celebration. We are asking groups to consider being involved in a variety of different ways such as through providing a food stall, live music performance, a dance performance, cultural activities, traditional games, or by contributing a team or two to the “Community World Cup” soccer tournament. We hope you would like to be involved. Council can make sure that costs to groups helping to deliver the program are covered, and a small contribution made for their involvement.

Would your community like to be involved in World Games Day 2017? Please fill out the attached Expression of Interest form and return it to Community Planning and Development Officer, Suzanne Schulz by Monday the 13th March 2017.

You can contact Suzanne for more information on: Further information can be found here.