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Wanted former refugees for settlement experience survey

Former refugees are invited to participate in an online survey about their settlement experience.

PhD candidate Shekhar K, originally from Nepal and now living in Launceston, is conducting the research to investigate the role of Tertiary and Further education in the resettlement experience of former refugees in Tasmania. Shekhar is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania.

Research locations are Launceston, Hobart and other Tasmanian councils.

For the purpose of the research, Shekhar is trying to reach out as many as 100 refugee migrants from different multicultural communities including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burma-Rohingya, Karen, Iran, South Sudan, Afghani Hajara, and others.

The link to survey is

Further information:


Phone  03 63245011 or  0469 398 481