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Volunteer Family Connect Research project

Volunteer Family Connect are trying to connect with eligible families to participate in a unique community-based research project - The Strengthening Families and Communities through Volunteering Research Study.

The study aims to assess the effectiveness of a volunteer home visiting program, Volunteer Family Connect, in supporting vulnerable families with young children.  The Volunteer Family Connect program is designed to fit within the wider service response to supporting families.

The program team would like to engage with local services providers who can help connect them with families who meet the following criteria.


  • Have young children aged 0-5 years
  • Have reported feelings of needing more parenting support
  • Identify as experiencing social or geographic isolation
  • Have difficulty connecting with services in their local community
  • Need additional support than what's offered within the universal system

Families who are not experiencing:

  • Current child abuse/neglect
  • Current substance abuse
  • Current domestic violence
  • Unmanaged mental illness
  • Current unsettled parenting arrangements
  • Living in environments that are unsafe for a volunteer to visit

If you know families who meet the criteria above, please contact: