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Start planning for a Taste of Harmony

A Taste of Harmony - an initiative encouraging Australian businesses to celebrate cultural diversity at work.


A Taste of Harmony is all about celebrating cultural diversity at work through food. It’s an annual initiative created by the Scanlon Foundation to encourage Australian workplaces to host an event in their workplace to celebrate cultural diversity through the sharing of food. 2020 will mark the 11th year of A Taste of Harmony and some of our long term participants include CBA, Optus, Bunnings Warehouse and many other small, medium and large businesses and organisations across Australia.

The event is held at the workplace – there is no need for employees to travel or attend an ‘event’ outside of their premises and there is no fundraising involved.


There are lots of ways to get involved, from hosting a morning tea where staff are encouraged to bring in food that reflects their cultural origins to more elaborate events. The key is bringing people together and creating a fun, informal way for colleagues to share their cultural heritage through food and discover more about their co-workers.


A Taste of Harmony is an excellent team-building and employee engagement activity for workplaces, because it enables all levels of the organisation to participate in a fun, engaging event. Sharing food is a great way for people to open up a conversation with their colleagues. There is no cost to participate in a Taste of Harmony and no fundraising involved.


In 2020 A Taste of Harmony will run between 16 March to 27 March. 

Get involved

Businesses simply register their event at - this gives them instant access to all the resources they need to run A Taste of Harmony in their workplace.