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Seniors Week to celebrate cultural diversity

COTA Tasmania invites you and your organisation to be part of this year’s annual Seniors Week program of events, to be run again later in October immediately following the school holidays.  Click Here to register your event online or go to

Hardcopy registration forms can be emailed or posted to you on request.

All registrations, however submitted, close Friday 1 July.

This year COTA Tasmania is celebrating and acknowledging cultural diversity in Seniors Week. We therefore encourage the development of Seniors Week events that cater for and include seniors from diverse backgrounds, and we stand ready to assist you in this regard.

We are also again committed to assisting potential event organisers in communities outside the major population centres to develop events for seniors in their areas. Please let us know if you or an associate can consider conducting your event in locations not normally served by such programs, and we will try to assist you.

Please note that we have introduced a new geographic area for this year’s program. Given the significant older population on Tasmania’s East Coast and the recent increase in Seniors Week events in that region, we’ve included a separate East Coast section in 2016.

Venues and access

When selecting a venue for your activity please consider wheelchair access, hearing loops, disabled toilets and facilities to assist accessibility.

Public liability

Please note that Event organisers must have their own, appropriate insurance cover when participating in Seniors Week, including but not limited to public liability insurance. Check with your insurer about public liability insurance for community organisations or events.

For more information or assistance call COTA Tas on 6231 3265 or email