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Safe Haven Hub opens


CatholicCare Tasmania has opened its Safe Haven Hub with the Hon. Elise Archer, Speaker of the House of Assembly representing the State Government.

Premier Will Hodgman announced in July that CatholicCare Tasmania had been selected to establish and coordinate the Safe Haven Hub, which is funded through the Department of Premier and Cabinet.  The $1.2 million statewide program will be delivered over four years.

The Safe Haven Hub provides pathways to education and employment for people with a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV), a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV), a Humanitarian Visa, a Bridging Visa E, or an eligible migrant visa. The Safe Haven Hub also works with education providers and employers to find the best ways to attract and retain people from these visa categories.

CatholicCare Tasmania has been working in the multicultural services area for more than 10 years. The additional services available through the Safe Haven Hub mean that more people will now be supported to engage in the education and employment activities that provide benefit to both them and to Tasmania.

CatholicCare Tasmania and the Safe Haven Hub is located at 35 Tower Road, New Town.

Phone 1300 938 081

Photo:  Julie Race, CatholicCare Coordinator South; Rhonda McCoy, CatholicCare Coordinator North; and Elise Archer MP, Speaker of the House of Assembly.