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Present to share stories

The Glenorchy Arts and Sculpture Park (GASP) invites people from diverse cultural backgrounds to join Sasha Huber (Switzerland/Haiti) and Petri Saarikko (Finland) to create an exciting international art project about the importance of orally transmitted knowledge, through sharing stories, remedies, videos and photos which articulate what is important to you personally and culturally.

The Multicultural Council of Tasmania is supporting this project as it aims to provide platform for various multicultural communities to share their stories. Often the knowledge that matters is not necessarily written down, but shared orally between generations, family members and friends. This unwritten information is worth documenting for future generations to come.

Throughout August you can contact GASP to share your knowledge and stories on video and through photos at Glenorchy LINC. Based on these sessions, ‘Remedies’ will be developed, performed and presented so that it becomes cemented into the community.

You may visit Glenorchy LINC to meet the artists throughout August, or email GASP to make a time for the artists to visit you or your community organisation.

‘Present’ will be launched at Glenorchy LINC and GASP on 15 - 17 September 2017 as a celebration of cultural diversity and oral story telling through Projection Art, Discussion and Sharing Stories.

For further details please email: