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Multicultural Youth 2017 Census

Multicultural Youth (MY) Australia is asking young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and aged 15-25 to take part in the first ever multicultural youth census.

The census asks about economic, social and cultural indicators to learn how young multicultural people are faring in life. The data collected will be used to produce the first annual report on the status of multicultural young people in Australia. This information will be distributed to all levels of government and all agencies that can help improve settlement outcomes and social cohesion for multicultural young people.

This survey is online and takes about 20 minutes to complete and is now LIVE.

Please help promote the survey by talking to your networks of young people about the survey and why it is important and support young people to fill out the survey.

An information pack has been prepared to help you promote the survey on your website, social media page, newsletter or noticeboard.

Information packs

To receive an electronic copy of the info pack email

To request a paper of the info pack email:


The survey can be accessed at

The survey closes on 30 October 2017.