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Multicultural Grants Program

As part of Tasmania’s Population Growth Strategy the Tasmanian Government created the Multicultural Grants Program aimed at assisting migrants to settle and feel welcome in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Government aims to support projects that assist migrants to feel welcome and part of the community. The grants are awarded to:

  • encourage cross cultural awareness as well as foster intercultural and interfaith relationships, community contributions, mutual respect, understanding and community unity;
  • support the establishment and growth of ethnic organisations in meeting the needs of their community members; and
  • establish familiar and transitional arrangements and support mechanisms for new migrants.

The Tasmanian Government has allocated $100 000 for the 2016 Multicultural Grants Program.

The Grants Program is coordinated by Communities, Sport and Recreation (CSR) in the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC).


Grants of up to $20 000 are available to support the following:

  • projects that promote integration of new migrants into communities and build ongoing inter-cultural and inter-faith relations and supports;
  • projects that facilitate access and use of community facilities and increase participation of new migrants in sport, recreation and social clubs within the community;
  • projects that build cross-cultural awareness across the community and business sector; and
  • activities that increase capacity within ethnic communities and multicultural networks to self-manage and engage in community life;

Grants of up to $10 000 are also available for:

  • projects that showcase the vibrancy of multiculturalism through festivals and/or events that encourage the participation of the whole community ($5000 maximum grant).

To apply for a grant, please complete the application form and return to the Department of Premier and Cabinet by 5pm on 12 February 2016 Late applications will not be accepted.

Applications forms may be found on the Department of Premier and Cabinet website

For further information, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation by email at or phone on 1800 204 224