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Keep on top of COVID

A medical professional of Asian background about to conduct a COVID-19 test. The man is wearing a mask.

The Keep on Top of COVID campaign launched on 18 September 2020 to help prepare Tasmanians for COVID being part of their lives into the longer-term.

The campaign is explaining the shared responsibility between the community and Government, and how the actions we take now will reduce the risk of COVID-19, and also prepare us if an outbreak was to occur.

The campaign reiterates the COVID safe behaviours the community needs to continue to embrace (physical distancing, testing if you have symptoms, staying home if sick and following restrictions) and also explains what the Government is doing to protect and prepare our State.

Government actions are focussed on measures to reduce the risk – such as border restrictions, screening etc – and also the planning and preparation being undertaken for future cases or outbreaks.

Print, digital and outdoor advertising are underway, and radio and television are in development. The current media schedule runs to mid-December 2020.

The campaign supports the recommendations of the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Committee (PESRAC) in relation to keeping Tasmanians informed and involved in our recovery journey, and explaining how the Government will manage COVID-19 into the future.

The campaign will continue to evolve as circumstances change here in Tasmania and beyond our borders.

For more information go to the coronavirus website.