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Harmony Week - Diversity is our strength

'Diversity is our strength' is the theme for national Harmony Day celebrated on 21 March.

Harmony Week activities and events will be taking place in Tasmania from 14-21 March.  Councils, schools, workplaces and community groups are already busy planning for this year’s activities. There is no shortage of goodwill towards sharing the message that everyone belongs.

Harmony Week is a small step or action towards sharing your differences with the greater community and creating a sense of belonging for everyone who calls Tasmania home.

If you are in a workplace, you can register to participate in A Taste of Harmony, a national project that celebrates diversity in workplaces by encouraging staff to share food and stories from their different cultural backgrounds.

Schools can take simple steps by creating classroom discussions around cultural traditions and community celebrations. Guest speakers and the celebration of music can also enliven classroom discussion.

As the day approaches we will be launching a website for the registration of events and sharing of resources.

If you are interested in learning how to get involved in a community event in your area, or would like to share an idea or activity with the office please email

Share your stories and learn more about how our differences can make us stronger this Harmony Week.

For ideas about celebrating Harmony Day, download the Harmony Day Engagement Kit (PDF, 902.09KB)