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Census Explorer tool

Find out how Australia is changing

SBS News has introduced an innovative interactive tool by compiling data from the 2016 Census for Australians to explore the results and findings of the recently released census data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The SBS Census Explorer tool allows users to go behind the statistics to learn more about who they are and where they’re heading as one of the most multicultural countries in the world.

SBS Managing Director, Michael Ebeid, said: “The SBS Census Explorer is a user-friendly innovative tool that enables all Australians to discover how Australia is changing, engaging with a rich interactive visual portrait of who we are, where we live, where we come from and the languages we speak. The tool helps us to deepen our understanding of the many cultures that make up our country today, which contributes to a more cohesive Australia.”

Introduced in 2012, this tool was an Australian first and with the inclusion of 2016 Census data, the SBS Census Explorer tool is a great way to compare trends over time to see how things have evolved from the last Census in 2011 to today. The latest version of the tool features new heat maps for key characteristics, including language, country of birth, sex, religion, income, ancestry and Indigenous status. With interactive maps, it also shows where language communities are settling across the country and whether your community has aged or grown younger.

The SBS Census Explorer tool can be found at and will be promoted on all SBS platforms – SBS World News, Radio, Online, on Mobile and via Social platforms along with a link on every SBS Radio’s language page.