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Census 2016

Census helps understand cultural diversity

The Census of Population and Housing is conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) every five years. The next Census is on Tuesday 9 August 2016.

The Census gives a snapshot of the people in Australia and the houses in which they live. It helps us to understand how Australia is changing, and allows us to plan services for the future.

Everyone in Australia on Census night must complete the Census even if they are not an Australian citizen or resident. This includes International students, overseas visitors and temporary residents. The Census asks for information about ancestry, country of birth, religion, and primary language spoken at home. This helps us to understand  Australia’s cultural diversity. Census data is important for funding and supporting the migrant community in Tasmania.

Information provided on the Census forms will be kept confidential. No-one outside of the ABS will ever know the answers. This means Centrelink, Housing, Community Services, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Tax Office or any other agency.

Completing the 2016 Census

In 2016 you can complete the Census form online using your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also fill out a paper form.
The 2016 Census will count close to 10 million houses and 24 million people in Australia on Census night, and 65 per cent of Australian households are expected to complete the Census online.
The ABS will provide extra help to non-English speaking households to complete the Census. This includes:

  • Providing assistance to non-English speaking households via telephone
  • Running fill in form sessions where you can receive help to complete your Census from bilingual Census staff.  

Census Job Opportunities

Applications for Area Supervisors have now opened – please go to for more information. Information on other job opportunities, such as field officer roles and bilingual officer roles, will be available in May.

If you have any questions please contact:

Jess Neilson
Assistant  Manager – Targeted Strategies
Tasmanian Census RMU
(03) 6222 5792