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Become a 'human book'

Everyone has a story to tell and the stories of migrants are well worth sharing to build understanding.

The Hobart Human Library is looking for multicultural people to share their story of being a new Australian.

A Fairer World is looking for people wishing to share their story by becoming a 'human book' and form part of a human library, which is just like any other library only the books are real, living people.

Why A Fairer World is creating the human library?

Human libraries are used around the world as a way to challenge discrimination and build understanding between different people. They do this by creating a comfortable space for small groups to speak to a person who has experienced being treated unfairly because of their culture, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability.

What places are used for human libraries?

The human library workshops will be run in schools and workplaces and use the power of storytelling to build understanding and respect for living in a world with differences.

Why share your story?

By sharing your story with the human library you can play a valuable role in:

  •  building a community that is accepting of differences and more welcoming
  •  overcoming a stereotype or wrongly held belief about you.
Good things you experience about by being a human 'book'
  • Improve your skills in speaking to groups
  • receive training and a certificate of recognition as a community educator
  • help increase understanding of different people in the community
  • help build a community where you feel you belong
  • be yourself and tell your own story
  • build contacts and friendships with other 'human books' and organisations.

You will be paid a speaker fee of $50 for every 90-minute workshop to help cover your costs.


A Fairer World
4 Battery Square
Battery Point

Phone: 6223 1025