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AFL Tasmania Umpiring Diversity Academy

The AFL has made the proactive decision to establish Diversity Umpiring Academies in most States including Tasmania. Numbers in AFL umpiring have dropped of significantly over the past few years.

It has become a regular practice for Umpiring associations to go the media with a cry for help year after year and once the season starts umpires are having to do up to four games in a weekend so we can fill every game.

The Diversity Academy in Tasmania will be overseen by Andrew Ikin, an experienced umpire and coach over 18 seasons. The Academy will be focussing its recruitment on areas not normally targeted by Umpire associations. These include.

  • Females, an area we believe there is potential for significant growth.
  • Multicultural groups, any athletes, or sport minded people would be most welcome.
  • Indigenous, again an area that has potential for growth.

Umpiring AFL is looking to hold a number of information sessions to explain how this will work. Basically it will involve working with potential new umpires in a small training group. The recruits will have a choice of field, boundary and goal umpiring.

New umpires will be put through AFL umpires accreditation. Once they are deemed an acceptable competency standard will appoint them to junior games and work them up through various levels. All roster games they will officiate in are paid appointments.

Umpiring is also a great way to keep fit, learn new skills and make new friends. All umpiring associations have a social aspect as well.

If you would like to know more, please call Andrew Ikin on 0427 599 002.