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Thread Launch

Event Name Thread Launch
Start Date 25th Aug 2019 7:00pm

Thread is a series of five interweaving fictional short films about Tasmanian refugees and new arrivals living in Hobart. The films were made as a collaboration between Tasmanian professional filmmakers, Lucien Simon and Troy Melville, and actors working with young refugees, new arrivals and students from Claremont College. Together they have created a unique and powerful web series that expresses the realities of settling in a new place and the struggle to belong and feel accepted.

Ticket sales will be donated to the Hobart Human Library and the Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service.


Moonah Arts Centre
23-27 Albert Road

  • Full $20
  • Concession $15
  • Early bird $5

Tickets are available from

For further information contact A Fairer World phone 6223 1025