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Aim High Multicultural Youth Tasmania

Event Name Aim High Multicultural Youth Tasmania
Start Date 14th Jun 2021 3:15pm
End Date 1st Nov 2021 4:45pm
Duration 140 days and 30 minutes
Frequency Every week on Monday, until further notice

Aim High is a targeted study program that supports educational outcomes for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Aim High will provide specific support across the year 9 and 10 curriculum, with a strong emphasis on core curriculum subjects such as science and maths.


Year 9 and 10 students from refugee and migrant backgrounds in Tasmanian Government schools.

Location and study support

Aim High delivers weekly study support sessions based at Cosgrove High School every Monday.


Zelinda Sherlock phone 6221 0999 or email

Funded by Communities, Sport and Recreation.